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Life’s all about making the right choice amidst the ample choices that we get. Take some time to recall that one moment we’ve all probably had where making the right choice at the right time has been extremely dilemmatic and you got no options but to make the right or somewhat may be a favourable choice in no time. Hypothetically quite like the confused bride on her wedding day or while you are entering the conference room to deliver an important presentation. Relatable. Isn’t it? But is it always possible in situations like those above to flip a coin and decide what destiny has for you? No right! CoinFlipX coin flip simulator exactly solves your problem at ease. Let’s get started.

CoinFlipX- What you need to know?

CoinFlipX coin is a heads or tails coin flip simulator. You can now virtually enjoy coin flip as if flipping a real coin.

The purpose of CoinFlipX is to assist you in decision making. You can now quickly make your decision by flipping a coin online. Either heads or tails, your decision is made!

Well, often it is hard to get a real coin to do a coin flip. Keeping that in mind, our team has designed the CoinFlipX as an alternative for you to easily access and flip a coin digitally.

Compared to a conventional coin, the CoinFlipX coin can change the heads and tails texts along with their colours.

Our team aims to simulate the coin flipper to give you flipping vibes as real as possible. Therefore, the CoinFlipX coin is combined with an energy simulator and a coin flip sound. As soon as you click on the flip button, you can exactly feel the real coin toss vibe.

With CoinFlipX Coin You also get some amazing features like "Test Your Intuition" and "Test Your Luck".

Besides, if you want to roll a dice, you can also check out our CoinFlipX Dice Roller.

Digitally flip a coin. Know how?

Your Coin flipping experience with CoinFlipX is fun, easy and thrilling. Follow these quick steps to flip a coin:

  • Click the coin or click on the flip button to start random flipping.
  • You can also long-press and release the flip button to simulate the flipping energy. Just as you toss a coin hardly or softly in reality, the chances of heads or tails is similarly 50:50.
  • The coin flip result will then be instantly displayed.
  • It will offer your personal statistics of heads or tails expectations as in the real world.
  • With CoinFlipX, you can also change your coin texts, images, colours, sound and quantity of coins from the settings section.
  • Besides, CoinFlipX Coin brings you some enthralling features. Test your intuition and your luck today.

Try your Luck with coin flip Intuition Test

Examine your intuition and luck with CoinFlipX intuition and luck tests available exclusively in this coin flip simulator. Let’s get started.

Get started with the Intuition Test

The intuition test has 10 trials. All you need to do is just guess the result for each flip. The more you can avail of the right guess, the greater will be your intuition score. You will now have to choose what will be the next result before you flip.

Get started with the Luck Test?

Try your hands to try your luck with the CoinFlipX luck test. You have to get the same flip results throughout the flipping mechanism, with a maximum of 5 flipping. The more you can get the same flips, the greater will be your luck count.

When to Use CoinFlipX?

Here are a few example scenarios to guide you through your flipping course. You can probably use them in the CoinFlipX Coin flipping game.

  • Opt A if heads and B if tails?
  • Buy it if heads and not buy if tails?
  • Want to know my luck today.
  • Want to know my intuition accuracy today.

Coin Flip made easy- CoinFlipX for Desktop or Mobile App

CoinFlipX is a fun-filled coin flipper. Make smart choices with CoinFlipX decision making and enjoy digital coin tossing. Guess what? Whether at the workplace or at home or maybe walking down a busy street, CoinFlipX can be used anywhere anytime with ease. You can search coinflipx.com to use the coin flip tool. You can even save it as your desktop or mobile application.

Fun flip sharing CoinFlipX coin flip

Why should you have all the fun alone? Enjoyed your fun flip moment with CoinFlipX flip coin? it’s time to share the joy of online coin flipping with your friends and family. Wondering how that’s possible? You simply have to share the button (beside the logo).

By default, it will include your current coin settings, so when people click the said link, they will get the same coin as yours.

You can also opt to share the URL directly or via Facebook or Twitter and enjoy easy coin-flipping.

Happy Flipping using CoinFlipX Coin Flip Simulator!