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Dice Roller - Dice-Ice Spice Roll a Dice with CoinFlipX

Remember the golden days of your childhood when coming back from school and tuition classes were so much exciting only because you would sit to play ludo with your family or friends? Those were the best days of childhood. Nostalgia hitting hard, isn’t it? Well, your childhood may have been left behind but you still have the opportunity to play your favourite game via fun learning with CoinFlipX dice roller game.

All you need to know about CoinFlipX dice roller

A virtually free dice roller game designed with varying available customizations to give you fun-filled teaching via gaming experience. The pandemic has not just transformed classroom learning into digital learning, children don’t just miss going to schools and meeting friends but they also feel monotonous with the current digitized curriculum. To especially give them an enthralling gaming and learning experience, CoinFlipX has developed this tool unlike any other gaming platform. You simply click to roll a dice and enjoy gaming and learning together under one podium.

Tired of boring classes? Want to enjoy learning and gaming together under one podium? CoinFlipX dice roller game is a power package tool designed with diverse colours, quantity, content customization and sound effect to actually give you the real vibe of rolling a dice.

You can now enjoy digitally flipping a coin exclusively with our coinflipx coin Flipper.

Did you ever roll a dice digitally?

You probably have rolled dice while playing ludo with your friends and family in reality. But did you ever experience rolling a dice virtually on a digital medium? Probably the answer is no. But rolling a dice using this digital dice roller is enthralling and fun. Thinking how? Follow just 2 quick steps to roll a dice.

  • All you need to do is simply click the dice or press the roll button to start random rolling.
  • You can now long-press and then release the roll button. This will simulate the rolling energy.
  • The dice rolling result will be automatically displayed on the screen.
  • From the settings section, you can customize the quantity, colours, sound and content of dice.

Remember! the dice roller tool is not made for gambling and we want to make this tool a great fun-filled learning experience.

Know the dice roller Gaming list

Think of your favourite cartoon characters or some tiny cute animated characters teaching you some brain-busting math problems that you’ve tried hard yet could not solve? Would be fun, isn’t it? The tool has thus been designed with a wide list of dice games that you can play using our dice roller. Let’s check them out:

  • Math Game
  • Board Game
  • Icebreaker
  • Others

Share your Feedback

We aim to make your gaming and learning experience fun-filled. Your valuable feedback will help us to learn your taste better, improve our gaming structure or even offer wider options to make our dice roller absolutely fun-filled whilst enjoying learning.

You can share your feedback with us if you enjoy using the dice roller game and what more can we do to make our dice roller better and exclusive in terms of design, features, options and colours. Please feel free to share your valuable feedback.

Enjoying your dice roller? Share the App with your loved ones

If you are happy and enjoying our dice roller game it’s time you share it with your loved ones. So, if you’d like to share and recommend your gaming experience with your friends and family, all you need to do is just an easy click on the share button right (beside the logo).

By default, the share button will include your current dice settings, and following the link, people will get the same dice as yours.

You can also opt to share the URL directly or via Facebook or Twitter and enjoy easy dice rolling.

Happy rolling using CoinFlipX dice!