We are a team of like-minded individuals who believe that we are endowed with a gift of choice. Keeping that in mind, we aim at remodelling the everyday complex decisions into creative decision making. Besides, in a digitalized world today, we aim to convert and create every tool or good game that we play using our hands in reality into a digitized version. So, CoinFlipX has recently designed digitized decision-making tools such as coin flipper and dice roller.

Our Motivation behind Our Innovation

Decisions! are an everyday phenomenon. In fact, our day starts with spending hours making choices about what should we eat for breakfast and which road to take to avoid traffic. Just like Food, Water and Shelter, Decision is the fourth basic human need and making a sound choice is never easy. So, CoinFlipX aims at transforming decisions into self-determined choices.

So, to make this decision-making mechanism easier and smarter, CoinFlipX has developed an application. This application has coin flipping and dice rolling tools that almost everyone is familiar with. The application can be used by users for multiple purposes- for creative and vibrant decision-making, fun-filled games with an educational impetus.

We are in making. . .

We have just begun the journey and we believe to travel a long way. But it is only possible when we receive valuable suggestions from our users. We believe in a user-centric approach and would love to modify the application as per user expectations. With your valuable suggestions, we will continue to make CoinFlipX extraordinary and we hope the application will become a beneficial tool in our lives.

We encourage you to share your feedback and suggestions here.

Enjoy Flipping at CoinFlipX.